We will be trying a new system this season for fulfilling club duties for competition on Saturday’s, utilizing the ‘Volunteer Signup’ website, where families can nominate their preferred week for duties ahead of time. See the weblink below for the duty roster for first week of competition (starting this weekend).


Each competing club has a set of duties to fulfill each week and as many of you already know, our responsibility at LLAC is to run the triple jump pit on the front straight as well as the front straight timing box. If we do not fill these roles each week, then we are not meeting our basic requirements as a club under the Geelong Little Aths umbrella.

As a club, we expect that each family will complete at least 2-3 duties per season as a minimum. To ensure you complete your duty on a week that you know you will be available, please feel free to nominate yourself ahead of time. If the weekly duty roster is not filled by the Thursday, prior to Saturday’s competition, we will randomly nominate families on a rotation basis, from those that have not fulfilled a duty. Chief roles will typically be filled internally, but assistant roles need to be filled each week.

The ‘On Tracker’ assistant role is always filled by families with ‘On Tracker’ athletes, so if this is you, please feel free to nominate for this role. If this role is not filled, we will pick an ‘On Tracker’ family at random, from those that have not already volunteered.

Kids’ support relies on the volunteer support of parents, otherwise, it is not possible, so we sincerely appreciate everyone’s support with these duties. Remember more hands make for less work.